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Jesus said, make disciples... not members

Jesus didn’t tell churches to make members

In talking with pastors, one thing I commonly hear is, “If we had more members we would be able to do more…” Because of the way we have been programmed in the past, a lot of times pastors and churches think if they are small there impact is small.  This isn’t the way Jesus thought. Jesus could have called the masses, but instead he called a dozen, ordinary men, and sent them out on a mission to make disciples.  Churches don’t need more member, they need more disciples that are making disciples. 

The Great Commission is everyone’s mission

Jesus’ words to the disciples were not a suggestion, they are a commandment.   The disciples knew that this mission was important, and they took Jesus’ words seriously.  Every Christian is given this same commission, and we need to take Jesus’ words just as seriously.  What would have happened if the disciples didn’t tell others?  What would have happened if the person who told you about Jesus didn’t take this command seriously?  How will others know if we don’t tell them?

The Great Commission is not to make more members

Just adding “members” does not fulfill the mission, but when the members you already have tell others about the mission, the mission spreads, and the Great Commission is being fulfilled.  The Great Commission is to make disciples, not members.

Friends, I know churches need members, and I have been a pastor of a small church.  I know the challenges, and that you’ve heard some of what I’m telling you before.  So why am I telling you again?  Because it’s time for the disciples of today to start taking the words of Jesus serious, and focus more on making disciples than members.   What I want you to hear is that every disciple needs to be “making disciples”, and teaching them how to make disciples, so that the mission will continue to spread.  Being a Christian, and a member of a body of Christ (a church) means more than attendance, it means being a follower of Jesus that is telling and teaching others what it means to do the same.   

So let me ask you, are you being intentional about making disciples? 





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