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Several of us who were baptized in that first week after the Spirit came upon the church were remembering things we had heard Jesus say before we believed and understood. We were still having some difficulty understanding. Dorcus suggested that we ask some of the apostles to explain these things. That made sense to the rest of us, and we began searching the temple area for apostles. We found several of them praying in Solomon’s colonnade. Thomas, Phillip, Bartholomew, and Mary were there along with several others that we had seen but did not really know.

Several of us were not comfortable with a woman speaking for us, but somehow Dorcus’s boldness seemed right. She stood before the praying group until they noticed us. They turned to us with holy smiles. 

“What can we do for you?” Thomas asked.

Dorcus looked around at the rest of us and began. “Before His crucifixion Jesus told us ‘The Son of Man must be lifted up.’ And even then we were pretty sure He was speaking about the way He was going to die. But the rabbis had always taught that when the Messiah came he would remain forever. Of course we did not understand how He could die, if He was indeed the Christ. Jesus did not tell us how this would be. He simply said we needed to walk in His light lest darkness overtake us. We understand a little more of this now, but we need you to explain about the light.”

Phillip, one of the apostles in the prayer meeting said, “I didn’t really understand at that time either. But on that same day Jesus said, ‘The words that I say came from my Father. He gave the commands of what to say and what to speak.’ Walking in the light is living by what His Father says to us through Jesus.” 

Thomas said, “That is true even when there are some things we cannot understand.”

Martha, one of the women in the prayer meeting said, “You probably know that Jesus called my brother to come out of the tomb and raised him from death. We had sent for Jesus when we knew Lazarus was about to die. We were heartbroken when He did not come to heal him. When Jesus did come, He told me my brother would rise again. I still did not understand, but Jesus knew what He was going to do. It was hard in those days to believe Jesus still loved us, but of course, He did.”

“That is right,” Thomas said. “When we heard that Lazarus was sick, Jesus told us, ‘This illness will not end in death but in the glory of God so that the Son of God might be glorified. So we stayed where we were. After a few days Jesus said, ‘We are now going back to Judea.’ We were terrified. We had fled because the people were ready to stone Him to death. We said as much to Jesus. He said, ‘Are there not twelve hours in the day. If anyone walks in the day he will not stumble. We must do the works of Him who sent me while it is day.’ Then Jesus explained that Lazarus was already dead. He knew that because He prayed and listened to His Father all the time.”

We never understand everything our Lord is doing in our lives. But it seems that He has always shown us something that is His will, so we can walk in His light. One of the things the Spirit does in us and in the whole church is give us the light to follow Him. This is a continuing miracle that we experience. We are all learning to sense the Father’s will and walk in His light.


This story rose from words and events recorded in John 11 and 12.


Father, open our eyes to the light of Jesus in our daily lives.



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