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Do we live with the commitment and confidence that we will never be ashamed of Jesus Christ? Do we have the freedom and the courage to bring glory to Christ in all that we do? Will our life honor Him no matter what, whether we live or die? These are the questions of ultimate satisfaction.

A Christian’s life is to be consumed with Christ. If we are living, we are living for Christ. We see His life in us, we see Him using us to produce eternal fruit, we’re satisfied to walk with Him every day, to commune with Him, to know we are His. And if we die, things are only going to get better. Because we gain the glory of eternity with Him.

In light of this, are we really conducting ourselves as citizens of heaven? Are we living in a manner worthy of representing Christ? Not in order to earn something from Him, but in response to who He has made us?

We've been given the great privilege of belonging to Christ, and not only the privilege of belonging to Him, but also the privilege of suffering for Him. We've been joined to Christ, and Christ’s victory came through suffering. We are eternally privileged to live for Him, and we are temporally privileged to suffer for Him.

Let’s be in the struggle together, strengthening one another in Christ. Holding one another up. Standing victorious together. And when the Lord of glory appears, all that He has for us, all that He’s made us, will become an instant reality.

Let’s live for Christ. It’s the ultimate satisfaction.

Pastor Dave

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Comment by Dave Shepardson on November 20, 2010 at 4:20pm
Thanks Doug. I want to put some discipleship truths up here, but much of what I've learned about discipleship comes from you, so maybe I'll just say "See Core Discipleship." God bless your ministry brother.
Comment by Doug Morrell on November 20, 2010 at 3:55pm
Great word, Dave. Full throttle bro!


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