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The hearing ear and the seeing eye – ADONAI made them both.”

  • Proverbs 20:12


Many doctors would agree that the most marvelous and complicated part of all man's senses are his pair of eyes. The eyes are the windows to a man's soul and he forms his opinions of everything that he sees through his perception based on previous stored knowledge. But his perception would be flawed without the keen awareness of sound gathered through his ears. They compliment each other in forming an accurate image of the world around them.


Yet man is the most unique creature among all lifeforms because he has the ability to conceptualize images through his creative imagination. But as intelligent as man could be, he utilizes only ten percent of his brain most of the time. He has been endowed with much, but much is left uncultivated because the god of this world has blinded his carnal mind to the Good News about the glory of the Messiah who is the image of GOD (2 Cor 4:4). He can see the natural order of the world; but it is only when GOD energizes man's spirit with His SPIRIT, that he begins to see the spirit realm also. The 'image of GOD,' because of man's union with the Messiah, enables the new man to see and hear, with sanctified imagination, the many things that GOD has in store for him.


What can be seen through the natural naked eye is self-explanatory, but what can be seen through the spiritual eye is subject to the revelation of GOD himself. Even though much of the spiritual realm is already revealed in Scriptures, these are not easily open to all believers. The spiritual eye only operates by trusting the holy word of GOD; that is, the Scriptures in the original Hebrew language. Why? Because there are so many translations, most in English, and much of the original thought and meaning have not been accurately revealed. Much of the translations are replete with the Greek style of thought process plus being americanized. Since GOD revealed His will through the Word, then we must know the Word accurately according to original writings. I do not mean that you and I must become Hebrew scholars before we can understand Scriptures, but I do mean that as serious students of the Word, we have to ensure that what we are digesting in the spirit is Truth. There are a lot of research materials such as concordance, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons, etc. in print and also available through the world wide web so that no one has an excuse.


Cultivating spiritual sight is only practiced through meditative prayer using the Word of GOD. Without trusting, it is impossible to please GOD, because whoever approaches Him must trust that He does exist and he is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek Him (Heb 11:6). GOD does not demand that His people trust Him without evidence or substance. The whole of creation declares the glory of the Creator. Has He declared and it was not? He declares the end from the beginning so that all may see that GOD knows all and sees all, because He caused it all and it became.


The building blocks of creation is GOD's Word. From A (Aleph) to Z (Tau), ELOHIM created all with the Word of His mouth in all its fullness. The LORD YESHUA, himself, said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will certainly not pass away”(Mk 13:31) “I have not come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets but to complete it. Yes indeed! I tell you that until heaven and earth pass away, not so much as a 'yud' or a stroke will pass from the Torah – not until everything that must happen has happened”(Mt 5:17,18). He sustains everything by the word of His power. YESHUA is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.


Knowing that the building blocks of creation is GOD's word, we also use it as building blocks of our sanctified imagination so we can see the limitless possibilities of GOD's kingdom. Particularly, the promises of the FATHER to us, His children, are the foundation of our trust and destiny. Living the abundant life depends much if we believe his specific promises and proclaim it as real in our lives.


So, unless YESHUA the Messiah is in you, you cannot perceive the Kingdom of GOD. He is the basis of all creation and all of creation depends on Him for its existence. In Him, we move and exist and live! To believe in YESHUA is to trust His word and to trust that He is the Word. To trust the Word is to do it as YESHUA did it. To truly 'see' is to trust that YESHUA is true to His word and proclaim it as if it already were. Like Abraham, who saw, not an earthly city but a city whose architect is GOD, we are to declare that which is not, as if it were because GOD says so.


Hearing and seeing was given by ELOHIM so we could see Him!



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