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Right now, in the middle of the chaos going on around us, it is emotionally disturbing.

You can feel the frustration building up within you- knowing this is the world we live in.  The chaos begins to pull us in without us realizing we are being pulled in.

When we hear a child killed their parents, a child killed himself because someone was bullying them. When we hear murder is on the inclined, the weather full of hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes are showing up in places for the first time or the second time through out history. Fights and wars going on. It will gets to us.

However, this is expected (See John 16:33, 2Timothy 3:1-17, to name a few).

Here's where the private retreats are priceless

I remember the time spent with Him, alone. 

As I write this, a smile of peace is rising up within me.  It is so peaceful, calming, loving, genuine, safe, and merciful. The Lord is and more. Just to be in His presence, nothing can come close.  His embrace is warm, loving, gentle, yet firm.

God holds on to you. In the quiet of His presence, He firmly speaks, encourages, and directs.

Ahh! How it gets me through the chaos immediately around me, when I cannot physically be in the quiet place.  It restores my being with strength, courage, hope, and faith in Him; to keep moving forward.

Be  encouraged my fellow reader. Be in His presence and let Him talk to you.  It will...increase your relationship with Him and it will encourage your knowledge of His character that is of no other.

Ok...I will stop here.  I just needed to get this out in sharing Him with you about why private retreats are necessary.

   "When you fall, look around, God is reaching for you to get up"

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