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Phil Miglioratti and John Armstrong talk about the limited view of Church

that is killing churches!

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Comment by Network Creator / Coordinator on Friday

Below is my review of John's newest book, in which he explains and expands upon the ideas and insights he shares in our  podcast. Purchase info with a discount follows my reccomendation . . .

It only takes a few pages (maybe only paragraphs) to determine whether this is a book you eagerly want to read or if this is a book you simply need to read.

Tear Down These Walls is wonderfully bothersome whether you are hungry for a grander, more glorious unity of the Church, or you know it is time to review and revise barriers and boundaries robbing you of the fullness of the Body of Christ.

John is issuing a call to all who believe-in/follow-after Jesus. A challenge to reimagine our Lord's yet-to-be-fulfilled prayer in John 17. To see “church” as a spiritual-relational community rather than an organizational entity. To recognize, and declare to a radically and rapidly changing culture, that "Christian" applies to everyone who has authentic faith in the One of God, even those with doctrinal or political differences. 

Our need to reimagine Christianity begins not with new methods nor with a new slant on our message but with a fresh experience and a culturally clear explanation of Christianity. Elevating Christ, Truth-incarnate, above text, theology, tradition - Christ, the hope of glory.

Brick-by-brick. Prayer-by-prayer. Relationship-by-relationship.

Phil Miglioratti

The http://Reimagine.Network

 - - - - 

Here is how to pre-order the book from the publisher.

Use the code coupon: UNITY when you check out and your discount will be applied. 


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