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"For everything there is a season,

a right time for every intention under heaven -

a time to be born and a time to die,

a time to plant and a time to uproot...."

  • Ecclesiastes 3:1,2


Today's generation is obsessed with time. Everyone is claimoring for more time. But everyone has the same alloted time each day. No matter how much you fret, you cannot add one second to your life; nor can you prolong your alloted time on this planet. In the business world, many experts offer seminars or courses on time management. Businesses invest much on managing the time of each employee. Companies conduct time and motion study on each specific job description so as to optimize daily productivity. Whether on business or for every human, there is one factor that determines how much time is invested, the person himself. And because each person is unique, productivity varies accordingly.


Generally, we were taught to think of time in linear terms – the past, the present and the future, with each passing day, we go forward in time. From the day we were born, we perceive time as going forward or advancing. But is that what the Scriptures teach? Are we suppose to focus ourselves in counting our days and dispense of what is old and desire what is new? Are we to be preoccupied with prolonging our stay on earth and striving to look young? According to Scriptures, what is the point of time?


The Psalmist cried, "Teach us to count our days, so that we will become wise." (Ps 90:12) The span of a man's life is short and even with advanced medicine, the average age has been 70 years. There is no time to waste. As St. Paul said, "Make use of every opportunity." The point is not to consume our time with all the magic potions to make us look young. Or to concentrate on making more money so we could enjoy "life" as we view it. Preoccupying oneself with improving one's outward appearance may prove fruitless because everything and everyone that we see around us is wilting and decaying and eventually dying. This is not to say that we should not improve our appearance or dress well; but what am saying is, should a person be so preoccupied with all the frivolous things in our short life and miss the more important aspects of living?


Yes time can be spent counting numbers but time is well-invested in building relationships; especially, relationships that are eternal. This is the very reason why the Scriptures say "there is a time for every intention under heaven..." In the beginning, Adam's time was spent in communion with his Father. I do not mean that that's all he did, but that even when he was tending to the garden of Eden, h.e did it with the Father. When he named all the animals, he did it with the Father. Whatever Adam did, he did it to the glory of the Father. It was always school time for Adam under the tutelage of the Father and they spent it in eternity. Until, he rebelled.


To redeem time, we must determine what activity to pursue that is of more value, not it terms of money but of eternal impact. For time only means something when consumed with a view of eternity. Money is man's invention whereas time is GOD's idea to teach us stewardship of all creation. Our life is like a vapor that appears for only a moment in eternity so that it is too valuable to be wasted in vain pursuits. Whatever you're doing today, you need to ask yourself, am I building my own kingdom or GOD's kingdom? Are the little things I am doing purposeful and leading to the grand design of my Creator? Chances are, if you are continually stressed and worried and busy with a lot of activities that do not seem to jibe with your eternal purpose, you are missing the point of life. If all you've got to show is a balloning bank account and a high position and honor among men, then chances are, you are not satisfied and do not feel significant as a human being. Because if you lose your money and are no longer in an influential position, all the semblance and trappings of human glory will be lost and all that will be left are memories of a past ill-spent.


So how can we ensure that the "things" we do are indeed important even in eternity? I remember what the LORD YESHUA always said to his disciples, "Follow Me..." When I was in ROTC training, we were taught to follow orders. Whatever the platoon sergeant ordered we obeyed, no questions asked. We understood that the sergeant was obeying a higher authority who had "intelligence" we didn't had. So everyone obeyed. Trust is of utmost importance and the understanding that our officers knew what they were doing gave us a lot of comfort. Trust or faith flows down from above and the true knowledge of GOD makes us confident that when we live for the glory of the Father, we are a significant part of the whole plan of GOD. Since the beginning, man was made for GOD and he was equipped to relate. Relate to GOD and relate to man. Life is all about relationships.


Gadgets are good only if they help us fulfill our purpose. But if they hinder us instead, then we're better off without them. Almost everyone uses a smartphone these days and they are very useful in keeping us updated with our daily activities; but when a person is too preoccupied with his smartphone to talk sensibly with his spouse, then obviously, that smartphone has become a hindrance to the relationship. If you really like to get connected, then communicate person to person. Whether business or personal, in the end, it will be more appreciated. By the way, you can always connect with GOD. His bandwidth is the biggest and fastest and you'll never get a busy signal. His is the original wireless and faster than the speed of thought.

YESHUA was always successful because He was always connected to the Father. He only said and did what He heard and saw the Father doing. To those who are led by the SPIRIT of GOD, we are sons of the living GOD and the SPIRIT always guides us, if we only listen carefully to His gentle voice. To redeem the time as it was intended in the beginning, we must get connected and hear the voice of GOD from within. Do not be in so much hurry, but relax and enjoy GOD's presence. I am sure you will begin to see things in a different light – GOD's light! Then you'll never walk alone and you will not fear. You will know what it means to be blessed with all the blessings in the heavenly places! This is not about money, although GOD will bless you financially. It is all about contentment, knowing that all you really need is GOD. You know whose you are and who you are. YESHUA is enough.


What is Time? Totally Immersed in Messiah Eternally, that's what it is!



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