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I shaped your existence in the first place.
     To begin with, there were two cells, then 28 billion—that was the clay.
     I am the Omnipotent Creator, the Potter who made you like you are.
     I engineered the delicate, inner workings of your physical being.
     My hands formed your body and personality—humbly worship Me.

I shape your character in hard places.
     Difficult circumstances and “impossible situations” are the clay.
     I am your Father, the Potter at work behind the scenes for your good.
     My hand is sculpting your heart into Christ’s image—surrender.

I shape your life with opportunities to glorify Me in pleasant places.
     Everyday, ordinary life is the clay.
     I am the Omnipresent Sovereign, the Potter with your fulfillment in mind.
     My hand provides creative places for you to serve Me—be alert.

I am shaping your future in a perfect place.
     Time is the clay and the Omniscient Lord is the Potter.
     The return of My Son will inaugurate a sinless kingdom—
          a place without pain, heart attacks, cancer, wheelchairs, walkers, surgery,
               hospitals, hospices, funerals, cemeteries, or war;
          a place without darkness, fear, loneliness, or crime.
     My hand is building a magnificent mansion for your home—trust Me.

I will shape the earth into a beautiful place.
     Elements of the universe are the clay and the King of kings is the Potter.
     The earth is in bad shape now—it weeps in sadness because of sin.
     To restore paradise, radical steps will be necessary.
     My fury will set everything ablaze; it will all go up in smoke.
     In the meantime, I am giving you a chance to shape up!
     My hand will renovate the planet you call home.
          Hopefully anticipate the hereafter—joyfully dance here and now.


                                (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                       Day 274,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

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