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I walked around in a joyous daze after Jesus raised my brother from the grave. But Jesus knew there was danger there for Him, for all of us. Many people who came to comfort my sister and me after our brother’s death believed in Jesus when they saw what He did. Others went immediately to tell the Pharisees. Jesus took His closest disciples east into the wilderness to spend time alone with us. The 12 were with Him and a few others including some of the ladies who followed Him from Galilee. I was part of that group even though I now live with my sister in Judea. 

At one point in His teaching Jesus singled me out. “Mary, you heard me say  in Jerusalem, ‘No one takes my life from me. I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down. And I have the authority to take it up again. I received this charge from my Father.’ Do you think the people understood what I was saying?”

“No,” I said. I am sure they did not.

“Did you understand me?”

“No, Master. I still don’t fully understand what you meant.”

“Even after you saw your brother stumble out of the tomb?”

“Well, yes, Lord, I guess I see that you have authority even over life and death.”

Jesus looked around at all of us, “Do you remember when some of the Jews surrounded me at the Feast of Dedication demanding that I tell them plainly if I were the Messiah?” Several of us nodded, but no one spoke. “I said I had already told them, and they did not believe. Do you remember me telling them I was the Christ?” We all looked at one another.

Thomas answered, “I don’t think I heard you say that to them in so many words.”

Jesus nodded. “How then did I tell them?” Thomas frowned not wanting to venture an answer. 

Finally, Peter said, “Opening the eyes of a man who had been born blind was a pretty good start.”

Jesus nodded and said, “You heard me say that my Father has given me the authority to lay down my life and the authority to take it up again. But you say you did not understand those words.” He glanced at me. “How did I say it more boldly?”

One of the other disciples answered before I could get the words out. “You showed us when you called Mary’s brother out of that tomb.”

Jesus said, “Earlier I had said ‘I am the Good Shepherd, and my sheep hear my voice’' They did not understand when I opened the eyes of the blind man because they were not part of my flock. You are my flock. I told you that my sheep hear my voice and follow me. They will never perish but will have eternal life.

“Mary, before I raised Lazarus, I told your sister that I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live even though he dies. How did I say that?”

This time I was ready with the answer. “You showed us by raising Lazarus from the dead.”

“That is right, and I will yet tell you in a more powerful way. You are not ready to understand although you hear me say it. You will soon hear in a way that you will never forget. You need to know that you are my sheep. And others will hear my voice through you. You will face many dangers and difficulties. Many of you will lose your lives for the sake of this good news. My sheep are under my authority and under the authority of my Father. You have this charge from me and from my Father. This will give you great peace and courage in the face of whoever and whatever opposes you.”


This story was primarily taken from John 10:7-18

Have you heard His voice? We can trust our lives to the authority of God and of His Son, Jesus Christ.

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