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I am an unpaid, non-pastoral layperson… and a sinner.  While I make no claim to prophecy, one of my life Bible verses is Ezekiel 2:1-3:11

I recently heard a sermon on waking up ourselves and the church (Rev. 3:1-6).  Coupling that with a sermon I heard the week before regarding tolerating Jezebel’s/Judas’ (a male version of the name) practices as acceptable within the Faith (Rev. 2:18-29), a prayer of confession and repentance is offered.  It may behoove “man’s” organized churches and their religions, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE CHURCH, to adopt this prayer.


Such confession and repentance may begin a healing in America by acknowledging the influence on “man’s” organized church religion, and the resulting effect on secular human society, of a Judas Pope (Dum Diversas, June 18, 1452, information below taken from  Then, perhaps, in light of such awakening, confession and repentance, God may provide mankind with His Solution for the problem of white supremacy and its racism.


Organized Church of Men - Prayer of Confession and Repentance


In fourteen hundred fifty-two

Supremacy sailed the ocean blue.

From southwest Europe, they were white;

Pope Nicholas V. gave the right


To grab land with no title claim

And “save” pagans in Jesus’ name.

Then all “new” western lands belonged

To whites, who were all foreign born.


When Europeans were expelled

Americans the role then filled.

Native people, they could stay

Until they got into the way.


Then came the time to free the slaves,

Six-hundred-thousand in their graves,

And still that freedom’s not been found

Did we waste those long in the ground?


In world wars: the winning side,

Our hearts were filled with joy and pride.

We were now leader of the world

How proudly did our flag unfurl!


We now decry supremacy

Exceptionalism is our creed.

We think we do what God has Told

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so bold.


Were we taught as Jesus Hoped?

No, we were misled by a Pope!

We plea now for a troubled nation

Forgive our sin; Send Your Solvation.*


*Salvation is God’s Greatest Gift, but it is not of this earth.  Solving the problems humans have created is His Greatest Gift to those still on the earth.

(Information taken from

Papal Bull Dum Diverersas - 18 June 1452

Pope Nicholas V issued the papal bull Dum Diversas on 18 June, 1452. It authorized Alfonso V of Portugal to reduce any “Saracens (Muslims) and pagans and any other unbelievers” to perpetual slavery. This facilitated the Portuguese slave trade from West Africa.


The Bull Romanus Pontiflex (Nicholas V) - 5 January 1455
The same pope wrote the bull Romanus Pontifex on January 5, 1455 to the same Alfonso. As a follow-up to the Dum Diversas, it extended to the Catholic nations of Europe dominion over discovered lands during the Age of Discovery.


The Bull Inter Caetera (Alexander VI) - 4 May 1493
In 1493 Alexander VI issued the bull Inter Caetera stating one Christian nation did not have the right to establish dominion over lands previously dominated by another Christian nation, thus establishing the Law of Nations.

Together, the Dum Diversas, the Romanus Pontifex and the Inter Caetera came to serve as the basis and justification for the Doctrine of Discovery, the global slave trade of the 15th and 16th centuries, and the Age of Imperialism.

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