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Sitting in the barber chair, I told my barber that our hairs are numbered. “I will have less hairs to number once my hair is cut,” I joked, and then decided to probe a bit deeper. “I didn’t always believe in God…Do you believe in God?”

“I’m not sure, but would like to know for certain,” my barber said.

“Would you like to dialogue about it? Do you have a Bible?” My barber said he didn’t. So by the time my hair was nicely trimmed, we set an appointment at a coffee shop for Sunday afternoon.

Many people are not open like my barber, but how can we use natural opportunities to do our kingdom ministry? Luke 22 offers ways we can prepare ourselves to show Christ’s love to others.

  1. Reject deception

While Passover was approaching, religious leaders, fearing the people, sought to put Jesus to death. Satan entered into Judas who gave in to his deception and described to the leaders how he would betray Jesus (Luke 22:1–6). Reject deception by not allowing Satan to betray and put Jesus to death in your life. 

  1. Trust in Jesus’ word

Jesus instructed Peter and John to prepare the Passover by following a man carrying a water pitcher into a house with a furnished, upper room (Luke 22:7–13). They may have thought these were odd instructions, but Jesus knew the eternal plan. Trust in Jesus’ word by obeying Him.  

  1. Participate in the Lord’s Table

As the apostles and Jesus sat together for the Passover meal, He said, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. For I tell you, I will not eat it again until it finds fulfillment in the kingdom of God.” Jesus took the cup and bread and gave thanks, symbolizing His body and blood poured out in the new covenant. This sets an example and serves as a reminder for us today (Luke 22:14–23). Participate in the Lord’s Table to enter into Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross

  1. Serve others

The apostles disputed who would be greatest among themselves. Jesus said gentile kings lord it over others, but the greatest of His disciples serve one another. Just as the Father granted Jesus a kingdom, He enabled His apostles to eat and drink at His table where they would sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel (Luke 22:24–30). Serve others to experience greatness.

  1. Resist temptation

When Satan demanded permission to sift Peter like wheat, Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith wouldn’t fail. Jesus predicted that Peter’s self-confidence would lead to denying Him three times, and He told him to strengthen his brothers after returning to God (Luke 22:31–34). Resist temptation with prayer so your faith can strengthen others

  1. Trust new provisions

Though Jesus said to carry nothing in their mission to the Jews, He now instructed them to bring a purse and sell their robe to buy a sword. Jesus was numbered with the transgressors and said, “it is enough” after they found two swords” Trust God to meet your needs in the midst of future challenges, hardships and hostilities as you carry out your mission (Luke 22:35–38). Trust new provisions to carry out gospel mission

  1. Wrestle in prayer

Jesus told His disciples to pray so they may not tempted. Jesus prayed that the Father would remove the cup not according to His own will, but God’s will be done. An angel strengthened Christ in His agony of prayer that was so fervent that He sweat like drops of blood. When Jesus found His disciples sleeping from sorrow, He told them to rise and pray to not enter into temptation (Luke 22:39–46). Wrestle in prayer to not enter into temptation.

  1. Trust in God’s sovereign plan

When Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, Peter cut off a slave’s right ear, which Christ healed. He said that religious leaders came against Him with weapons when formerly they didn’t lay hands on Him because it wasn’t His time (Luke 22:47–53). Trust in God’s sovereign plan for your life.

  1. Remain close to Jesus

Peter followed at a distance after they arrested Jesus. Peter later denied Him three times and when he remembered Jesus’ words, he wept bitterly (Luke 22:54–62). This resulted not only in a physical distance but also a spiritual distance because of Peter’s fear. Remain close to Jesus to prevent denying Him.

  1. Reject world’s mocking of Jesus

While holding Jesus in custody, they mocked and beat Him. They said many things against Him, while blaspheming (Luke 22:63–65). Reject the world’s mocking of Jesus

  1. Believe Jesus’ authority

Jesus told the religious leaders they wouldn’t believe or answer His questions. He also said that “the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of the power of God.” They refused any additional testimony after Jesus said He was the Son of God (Luke 22:66–71). Believe Jesus’ authority seated at the right hand of God.

The evil one seeks to get you to deny God’s sovereign plan for your life by attacking you as you follow Christ at a distance, as you are intimidated by the world’s mocking, as the world speaks against Him to cause you to disbelieve Christ’s authority and power. But by trust, obedience, and prayer you will share in Jesus’ victory.

Final Thought: Use natural opportunities to do your kingdom mission, rejecting deception by the evil one.

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